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Our Motto..

To seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty by ordering human life in accordance with the principles laid down by Allah Almighty and His Messenger(SAW)


  • To convey the message of Islam to the female students, to induce them to acquire its knowledge, to awaken them to the task of fulfilling its requirements in practical life and to prove the superiority of Islam over other systems of life.
  • To organize under the Jamiat those female students who are ready to strive for the establishment of Islamic way of life.
  • To make effective arrangements for the development of ideological and moral training for those students who join the Jamiat.
  • To put an end to ever increasing trend of obscenity and the lack of veil amongst girl students and to promote Islamic values, virtues, traditions and qualities
  • To struggle for the establishment of the Islamic educational system in Pakistan and to struggle for the genuine demands of female students, to make efforts to solve the problems faced by these students and to guide them in their collective problems.
First Aid Workshop

FIRST AIDWORKSHOP by Islami Jamiat Talibat,IIUI

16 April,2014
Gem's Gala
We demand Removal of Billboards that objectify women and use them as advertisement spawn