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The only representative organization of female students in Pakistan which is striving to promote Islam as a Code of Life.

Our Motto

"To seek the pleasure Of Allah by ordering human life In accordance with the principles Laid down by Allah and His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH)."

Student Affairs Forum

Student help society help you in your colleges/ institutes/ universities and solve your problems. We are with you to provide necessities of a student for a better future.

Bazme Gul

Bazme Gul society guide and help school going girls to be a good Muslim and Pakistani student by providing healthy activities and right path to their skills.

Al Jamia Publication

A reputed department of composition and compilation which is working ardently to provide student circle with informative, pleasurable and authentic islamic literature. It creates a sense of superiority of islam among students.

Media Cell

In order to keep up with the pace of the fast progressing media, Islami Jamiat Talibat has formed a "Media Cell". It also works for the improvement of mass media through articles, letters and columns.

Recent Activites

Islami Jamiat Talibat..

Islami Jamiat Talibat is the sole organization for female students in Pakistan. It includes of female students having love and sincerity for Islam and Pakistan. Students keeping a desire for the prosperity of Pakistan as well as Islam are always welcome.

If you think and try to strive for the progress of Pakistan, if you worried about plottings against Islam and Pakistan, if you want to see the dominance of Islam and if you want to serve your religion and nation by your abilities, then we welcome you .... to become a part of Islami Jamiat Talibat Pakistan.

"There should always be a group amongst you who calls people to the way of Allah.
Preach what is good and stop from which is not. Such are people who will be succesful."
(AALE IMRAN : 104)

Islami Jamiat Talibat is a group of vibrant individuals who have decided to dedicate their time, energy and talents to please Allah SWT by enjoing people to mould their lives according to Islam and encouraging them to develop a strong bond with Allah SWT. In Pakistan, it is still the only, all female student's organization that is working actively to serve their non-members counterparts in various capacities. Its widely organize